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Deposit products offered by APGVB:

Palamitra Dairy Vikas Scheme


Financial assistance to small and marginal and tenant Farmers with focus on women folk under group approach, to improve rural economy through employment opportunity and o increase milk production through organized sector.

Type of loan

Allied Agricultural Term Loans


a) Small homogenous groups consisting of 5-15 members of small, marginal and tenant farmers formed with rural women afresh as PALAMITRA DAIRY VIKAS SCHEME GROUP
b) Existing SHGs with good track record.
c) Group with a minimum thrift of Rs 100 per month per member.
d) In a village where milk collection centre and Veterinary extension service within radius of 5 KM is available.
e) The Group should own 2-5 acres land and willing to raise green fodder on collective basis.

Quality of Animals
Only Graded Buffaloes are to be purchased preferably with one calving. 
A Unit of 3 graded murrah buffaloes with cost range of Rs 14400 to Rs 19200 for each animal with milk yield of 6 to 8 Liters per day to be given.

Tie up arrangement: The Group shall enter in to tie up with milk processing Unit.

Loan amount

Not exceeding Rs 60000/- per member in a group and aggregate group loan limit should not be more than Rs 9.00 Lakhs.


Stage wise disbursements.


Individuals: See interest rates on loans and advances
Group Model: As applicable to SHGs

Processing fee

See service charges


60 monthly instalments. Recovery is to be insisted through issue of cheques by milk processing units


Hypothecation of animals, lien on group corpus. In case of loan limit exceeding Rs 5 Lakhs, a collateral security of land by way of mortgage is to be obtained.

Papers / Documents required

a) Loan application and Bank’s appraisal
b) Micro Credit Plan prepared by the Group
c) Appraisal format for PMDVS group financing
d) Inter-se agreement.
e) Articles of agreement
f) Arrangement letter
g) Undertaking letter of the Group
h) Undertaking letter of the Company


Coverage of buffaloes under live stock insurance scheme.

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