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  • Deposit products offered by APGVB:

    Mortgage loans for Trade, Industry and Service Sector (SME)


    To provide hassle free finance to borrowers in SSI, Trade and Service sector by means of mortgage of property with adequate value.

    Type of loan

    Cash credit/ Term loan


    a) Existing customers with a satisfactory track record of three years. 
    b) Cash profit during last 3 years and net profit in the immediate preceding Year.. 
    c) New borrowers including take-over with minimum existence of three years will also be considered.

    Category of borrowers
    Retail traders/Whole sale traders, Professional and self-employed, small business enterprises Small scale industries.

    Loan amount

    Minimum of Rs.0.50 lakhs
    Maximum of Rs.10.00 lakhs


    25% for cash credit as well as for term loan


    See ROI on Loans & Advances

    Processing fee

    See service charges

    Penal Interest

    See service charges


    For Working capital on demand. For Term loan 60 EMI


    Primary: Hypothecation of stocks and receivables
    Collateral: collateral security of tangible urban property with a market value of minimum of 133% of loan by way of Equitable Mortgage. Securities like TDRs, NSCs, LIC policies.etc.90% of the value may be considered.

    Papers / Documents required

    a) Agreement of loan cum hypothecation
    b) Guarantee agreement and Arrangement letter etc.
    c) Copy of collateral security offered
    d) Latest copy of income-tax return/assessment order
    e) Statement of account from the existing banker for last 6 months
    f) Copies of relevant documents pertaining to license, ownership/tenancy/lease agreement etc.
    g) Stock statement will be obtained only once at the time of execution of documents and once in a year at the time of renewal.


    Comprehensive insurance coverage for full market value of primary and collateral securities with incorporation of bank clause.

    Validity & Review

    a) The sanction limit is valid for three years subject to review/renewal at the end of every year.
    b) If the credit summations are less than 60% of projected sales, the limit has to be reassessed. Excess limit has to be recovered in 12 monthly installments. In case of working capital term loan the excess limit has to be recovered in 36 monthly installments.

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