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Deposit products offered by APGVB:

Agriculture Cash Credits (Crop loans)


Raising of various crops


All categories of farmers - Small/Marginal (SF/MF) and others including Tenant farmers and Share Croppers who actually cultivate the lands

Loan amount

As per Scales of finance stipulated by the District Level Technical Committee, depending on the crop.


See Interest on loans and advances

Processing fee

See Service charges

a) Upto Rs 50,000

b) Above Rs. 50,000 and upto Rs. 1,00,000

c) Above Rs.1,00,000

d) For tobacco, Sugarcane and other crops under ti-up arrangement with boards/ factories/ companies 
i. Upto Rs. 1 Lac 
ii. Above one lac

Hypothecation of crops

i. Hypothecation of crops
ii. Mortgage of lands or Third party guarantee

i. Hypothecation of crops
ii. Mortgage of lands

i. Hypothecation of crops 
ii. a. Hypothecation of crops
b. Mortgage of lands

Papers / Documents required

a) Land records to ascertain cultivation rights.
b) Acreage under different crops 
c) Sources of other borrowings e.g. Co-operative Societies and Banks.

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