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Deposit products offered by APGVB:

Poultry Vikas - Broiler Contract Farming


Financial assistance to farmers having Contract Broiler Farming arrangements. Construction of poultry shed, feed room and purchase of equipment viz., pump set, water storage tank, feed mixing plant etc.


Existing and new poultry farmers with experience and having undergone training in poultry farming, with adequate land and water resources.
SHGs possessing land in the groups’ name with water sources.
Tie-up arrangements with hatcheries required for supply of broiler chicks, free of cost inputs, buy back arrangements with pre-determined rates.

Loan amount

Maximum Rs.9.0 lakhs, depending upon the size of the farm, in multiples of 1000 birds.




See interest rates on loans and advances

Processing fee

See service charges

Penal Interest

See service charges


30 bi monthly installments in a total period of 5 years with a grace period of 6 months.


a) Primary - Hypothecation of assets created by Bank finance. 
b) Collateral - Mortgage of land and shed including other infrastructure available to cover total value of the loan

Papers / Documents required

a) Loan Agreement
b) Letter of Guarantee, if applicable
c) Tie-up Agreement Letter between farmer/ SHG and hatchery/ company
d) Confirmation letter
e) Memorandum for recording creation of Mortgage by deposit of Title Deeds in case of Equitable Mortgage
f) Registered Mortgage Deed if EM cannot be created.


Optional for birds. But shed should be insured

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